Get Writing!

Following advice given at the Friends of the Earth conference recently, and one of our neighbours who has experience of previous planning objections, I would like to encourage as many people to get your objections in writing as soon as possible.

The Planning Document (Communities and Local Government: National Planning Policy Framework) is online with the relevant paragraphs highlighted so that this can be referred to in your letters.

No need to wait until the application goes live!

At present, the Parish Council is not aware of more than a handful of objections, so we need to let them know.

If letters are written now, and followed up when the application is on the Council website, we will have more impact. So please, write.

3 thoughts on “Get Writing!”

  1. Plenty of people reading the above article (and other pages) on here too looking at stats within this site.

    I am still unable to view FB page as it isn’t public – you have to be a member of FB and logged in. Lets hope “likes” translate into action.

    Good to talk strategy with several of us turning up at Saltbox Close mini traffic survey yesterday!

  2. I wrote on the Facebook page to encourage people to get writing. I was a bit disheartened with Facebook really as the statistics showed only half a dozen people were reading the posts. But! this latest one got 58 hits!!

  3. Thanks, Andrea. I’ll be joining Jenny Adams for a traffic survey at Saltbox Close this afternoon between 4:30 and 5:30pm if anyone wants to discuss.

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