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Full Planning Application Submitted – Parish Council Meeting re this coming soon — 3 Comments

  1. I put a link to the full Parliamentary Debate about Planning (2014) on the Facebook page, but here is just the paragraph contributed by Sarah Newton MP (i.e. Our MP) :

    With brevity in mind, I seek some simple assurances from the Minister. As my hon. Friend the Member for St Ives has said, Cornwall council will meet next week to attempt to agree its plan, and some specific assurances from the Minister today would help the councillors in that process. Our councillors are being told by the planners that unless they accept a projected housing target based on what Cornwall has delivered over the past 10 years, the planning inspector simply will not agree the plan. To help the plan-making process, I urged Cornwall council to undertake a local needs assessment, which it has done. That assessment looked at the number of homes that are needed in Cornwall for those who currently do not have the right type of genuinely affordable housing, and the number needed to support the growing businesses in Cornwall. The local needs assessment demonstrated that Cornwall has been over-delivering properties at a rate of up to 1,000 a year, and that we need a much smaller number in order to meet our obligations and our desire to provide the right sorts of homes and achieve sustainable growth.

    Cornwall councillors are being told that the good evidence base that has been gathered in that local needs assessment cannot be used, or the planning inspectors will throw out the resulting plan. I seek an absolute assurance that if Cornwall councillors, when they meet next week, can provide an adequate evidence base that supports the building of a certain number of homes based on realistic population growth and observed household composition rates, the planning inspector will accept that number. Any reassuring words that the Minister can give about the methodology that councillors can use in making their decision next week would be most welcome, because we desperately need to agree the plan. There has been a huge amount of consultation and very good work is going on in neighbourhood planning, but that plan has to be agreed.

    As so many other hon. Members have described today, a developers’ free-for-all is going on in Cornwall and a huge number of speculative planning applications are being made. We need to use the tools that the Government have laid out in a new plan-making process to ensure that we have development in Cornwall, but that it is sustainable and fits in with our unique environment. Our key industries are tourism, farming, fishing and food production. Only yesterday the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs quite rightly pointed out how much more food we need to produce in our own country, and how food security will become an increasing issue. Those are key industries for Cornwall, and we can make a key contribution to the nation if councillors are given the tools to balance the need for housing with the need for a sustainable environment.

    The Local Plan is still not adopted apparently. According to the Financial Times, the Government Inspectors are allowing many developments on appeal, contrary to Planning guidelines.

    • Indeed. Direct link to that contribution to debate (Jan 2014) in context is here

      Sarah Newton also has the following statement on her own site (link also given on our “Links and Resources” page:

      Many local people fear that over development could threaten our countryside. Cornwall Council has the ability to avert this, through adopting a housing strategy. I have been working with Conservative Councillors to press the Council to adopt a housing strategy based on local needs, focusing on delivering genuinely affordable homes for local people, ruling out the speculative and excessive building that threatens our precious countryside. I want to see such a strategy adopted and robustly defended, giving Cornwall the defence it needs against over development.

      so I’d expect her to back our objections to the Saltbox Close development!

    • Local Plan has been adopted by Cornwall Council as of today see here (item 9.3)

      Worth looking at Cornwall Local Plan in detail as this should now be taken into account re new planning decisions.