Summary of National Guidance & Legislation for Points to make in Objections to Saltbox Close Planning Application

To make your objections to the proposed Planning Application  carry more weight it is recommended that you refer to National Guidance and Legislation.

We have distilled the various publications to main points in this document – click here to open it

You can use the full legislative text or simply make reference to the document and paragraph. The CCC planning Case Officer will need to review much documentation and if the points of objection are easy to read it will add emphasis.

Your objections should be in your own words and preferably not a carbon copy of anyone else’s submission or they will be treated as one by the Planners. You may add photographs if you think this might be useful.

Once the application is formally live (i.e. is validated by the Council and shown on the web-site with an application number) you have just twenty one days to file your objections.  Objections should be addressed to :

You can send to the Parish Council and Ward Councillor and your MP.

The legislation and guidance come from the following sources:

  • The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)
  • The Cornwall Local Plan–Strategic Policies including Main and Minor Changes October 2016
  • The Mylor and Flushing Parish Plan
  • Cornwall AONB Policy, Local, Plan and Action documents 2016-2021