Letters of Objection

I have been asked by a few people how to write a basic letter of objection.

You can use the green bullet points on the flyer

  •  damage to Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – irreversible landscape loss and visual impact
  •  loss of prime grade 2 agricultural land
  •  another large development outside the village boundary
  •  more traffic, congestion, fumes – heavy construction traffic through village centre
  •  highway safety – saltbox road, bissom road, waterings road
  •  further pressure on village infrastructure – school, amenities
  •  potential for flooding – saltbox road, penoweth, waterings road and the playing field

and use your own words to describe what you mean.

It doesn’t have to be long. You can refer to national planning policy framework but if that is daunting, don’t worry, it’s the planning officer’s job to do that.

The important thing is to object to –

www.cornwall.gov.uk/planning – planning application – PA16/10635

and to send a copy to Mylor Parish Council (who need to hear before 14 December public meeting) – mylorpc@btinternet.com and Tony Martin,
county councillor – tomartin@cornwall.gov.uk

jaye brighton

4 thoughts on “Letters of Objection”

  1. I do hope Parish councillors realise that some of us will be posting our objections on the County Council portal after the Parish meeting on the 14th Dec so that we have more information at our disposal to make an effective objection.

    1. Do go along to the Public Meeting on Wednesday evening at the Tremayne Hall, and let the Parish Council know your thoughts.

      1. Several of us will be there, including myself. The Parish Clerk has been very helpful in liaising with us and the Parish councillors, and I’m passing on comments on this site to her so she can inform them. Many of us are also discussing the issues on our mailing list, so please do join us, Jess, if you’d like to get more involved.


    we need to get in our objections AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so that councillors can read them prior to public meeting on 14 december.
    thanks to those already done.

    jaye brighton

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