Public Parish Council Meeting about Saltbox Close Planning Application at Tremayne Hall, 7pm on Wednesday 14th December

Thanks again to the Parish Clerk for notifying us of the above, and her useful explanation of procedure:

I have booked the main hall in the Tremayne Hall for a public planning meeting on Wednesday 14th December.  This will start at 7pm, all are welcome to attend.

The procedure is usually that the developer makes a short presentation, this is then followed by questions by the audience and/or the parish council.

Following that, probably after about 45 – 60 minutes, the planning meeting proper commences and from that point the
public are welcome to stay but cannot contribute further to the discussion.

The Chairman will go round the table and ask each Councillor present whether they support or object to the application and each will usually give reasons for their decision.  I will record this in the way of minutes, and I also then submit the Parish Council’s comments to the relevant planning officer.

If I might suggest something which might be useful to those planning to attend. If you are meeting beforehand perhaps it would be a good idea if everyone had a different aspect that they want to mention, rather than 6 or 7 people all objecting on the same thing.  That way you will get as many of your different viewpoints out into the public arena as possible before your time for talking runs out. Each person could say they agree with everything already mentioned, but they would also like to mention X Y or Z.  This gives the parish council a comprehensive idea of your main concerns.


There is also a planning meeting next Wednesday the 7th, but that is for the ordinary plans, and Salt Box will not be discussed.

From Parish Council website:

There is a Planning Meeting on Wednesday 14th December 2016 in the Tremayne Hall, starting at 7pm.  This is to discuss the proposed development at Salt Box Road.

Here’s a link to the Agenda for this meeting.

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  1. Concerned residents will be meeting a few days before the Parish Council Meeting on the 14th December to discuss strategy.

    If you have objections to contribute, would like to get involved, and are not already on our discussion/mailing list please request membership here (full disclosure required) to join us.

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