Article in Falmouth Packet

There’s an article about PA16/10635 in today’s Falmouth Packet (also available on their website, and open for comment), but focusing mainly on the traffic issues (though it does mention that the parish council is opposed).

See also Cllr Fiona Ferguson’s excellent report on Mylor Parish Council’s Public meeting on Dec 14th at which MPC voted unanimously to oppose the planning application.

Public comment on PA16/10635 is still open (recently extended by 5 days to Jan 18th).

2 thoughts on “Article in Falmouth Packet”

  1. There was a good letter in the West Briton(Jan 5th) last week and look at the AONB reply objecting to the Planning Application, on Cornwall Councils, planning portal. We need to keep up the pressure — ?more letters to the press.

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