PA16/10635 Refused

I am delighted to see that PA16/10635 has been refused today! Well done to all who have campaigned against it, and thanks to our excellent Parish Council who voted unanimously against it.

Hopefully there will be no appeal as the rejection letter, added today to the documents on the Planning Portal, states on page 5

The Local Planning Authority has acted positively and proactively in determining this application by identifying matters of concern with this proposal. On this occasion, the issues are so fundamental that it is not possible to negotiate a satisfactory way forward due to the harm that has been clearly identified within the reason(s) for refusal.

We will nevertheless remain vigilant, and this website will stay live for the foreseeable future.

3 thoughts on “PA16/10635 Refused”

  1. WELL DONE EVERYONE who put in a lot of mind blowing work, looking through countless docs., spending hours on telephone calls etc etc. We do need to remain vigilant as I fear the developers will be back! Jodie Smith

  2. Thank you so much to those who worked so hard in this matter, those who ploughed through endless documents, those who galvanised others and those who wrote letters and made and put up posters. Thank you

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