Mylor and Flushing NDP

The Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) for Mylor Parish is under way – please visit for more information and to sign up to the survey group. Further volunteers to help with the NDP are most welcome!

The local NDP team will have an information stall at the Mylor Christmas Fair (Saturday 25th November, 10am to 4:30pm, Tremayne Hall, Mylor) to answer any questions you may have, and there will be a postbox where you can post your views

It is important to have your say because, once it’s finished, the NDP will form the first level of planning law, helping planning authorities make decisions about housing and facilities, and ensuring that new developments such as building are in line with the community’s vision for the future of Mylor, Flushing and all other locations within the parish boundary on this map

PA16/10635 Refused

I am delighted to see that PA16/10635 has been refused today! Well done to all who have campaigned against it, and thanks to our excellent Parish Council who voted unanimously against it.

Hopefully there will be no appeal as the rejection letter, added today to the documents on the Planning Portal, states on page 5

The Local Planning Authority has acted positively and proactively in determining this application by identifying matters of concern with this proposal. On this occasion, the issues are so fundamental that it is not possible to negotiate a satisfactory way forward due to the harm that has been clearly identified within the reason(s) for refusal.

We will nevertheless remain vigilant, and this website will stay live for the foreseeable future.

Article in Falmouth Packet

There’s an article about PA16/10635 in today’s Falmouth Packet (also available on their website, and open for comment), but focusing mainly on the traffic issues (though it does mention that the parish council is opposed).

See also Cllr Fiona Ferguson’s excellent report on Mylor Parish Council’s Public meeting on Dec 14th at which MPC voted unanimously to oppose the planning application.

Public comment on PA16/10635 is still open (recently extended by 5 days to Jan 18th).

Issues with CC Planning Portal and Deadline for Public Comments on PA16/10635

Cornwall Council’s Online Planning Register is currently down (and was yesterday as well).

CC Planning Portal Error

I’ve just sent the following complaint via their main site, and have also emailed Chantal McLennan (case officer) requesting clarification on closing date for public comment on PA16/10635:

On attempting to access your online planning register I have been getting the following error, both yesterday and today:

“Error Server Problem
A server problem prevented the webpage from displaying. Try again later to see if the problem has been corrected.”

No one available on your 0300 number to notify of this.

Since your service unavailability affects 21 day public comment window on planning applications they should be adjusted accordingly on restoration of service.

According to the West Briton (Dec 14th) PA16/10635 has till 6th Jan for public comment.

However, notice of this has only been posted on Dec 24th (though notice states Dec 23rd) at a single location at the top of Saltbox Close cul-de-sac (hardly visible to general public, and residents of Saltbox Rd and elsewhere in the village of Mylor, unless they are visiting the two top houses in the Close).

Surely the 21 days for public comment therefore should run from the date of posting of this notice (Dec 24th), and run until at least Fri 13th Jan (or later if unavailability of your service is taken into account).

Letters of Objection

I have been asked by a few people how to write a basic letter of objection.

You can use the green bullet points on the flyer

  •  damage to Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – irreversible landscape loss and visual impact
  •  loss of prime grade 2 agricultural land
  •  another large development outside the village boundary
  •  more traffic, congestion, fumes – heavy construction traffic through village centre
  •  highway safety – saltbox road, bissom road, waterings road
  •  further pressure on village infrastructure – school, amenities
  •  potential for flooding – saltbox road, penoweth, waterings road and the playing field

and use your own words to describe what you mean.

It doesn’t have to be long. You can refer to national planning policy framework but if that is daunting, don’t worry, it’s the planning officer’s job to do that.

The important thing is to object to – – planning application – PA16/10635

and to send a copy to Mylor Parish Council (who need to hear before 14 December public meeting) – and Tony Martin,
county councillor –

jaye brighton

Public Parish Council Meeting about Saltbox Close Planning Application at Tremayne Hall, 7pm on Wednesday 14th December

Thanks again to the Parish Clerk for notifying us of the above, and her useful explanation of procedure:

I have booked the main hall in the Tremayne Hall for a public planning meeting on Wednesday 14th December.  This will start at 7pm, all are welcome to attend.

The procedure is usually that the developer makes a short presentation, this is then followed by questions by the audience and/or the parish council.

Following that, probably after about 45 – 60 minutes, the planning meeting proper commences and from that point the
public are welcome to stay but cannot contribute further to the discussion.

The Chairman will go round the table and ask each Councillor present whether they support or object to the application and each will usually give reasons for their decision.  I will record this in the way of minutes, and I also then submit the Parish Council’s comments to the relevant planning officer.

If I might suggest something which might be useful to those planning to attend. If you are meeting beforehand perhaps it would be a good idea if everyone had a different aspect that they want to mention, rather than 6 or 7 people all objecting on the same thing.  That way you will get as many of your different viewpoints out into the public arena as possible before your time for talking runs out. Each person could say they agree with everything already mentioned, but they would also like to mention X Y or Z.  This gives the parish council a comprehensive idea of your main concerns.


There is also a planning meeting next Wednesday the 7th, but that is for the ordinary plans, and Salt Box will not be discussed.

From Parish Council website:

There is a Planning Meeting on Wednesday 14th December 2016 in the Tremayne Hall, starting at 7pm.  This is to discuss the proposed development at Salt Box Road.

Here’s a link to the Agenda for this meeting.

Summary of National Guidance & Legislation for Points to make in Objections to Saltbox Close Planning Application

To make your objections to the proposed Planning Application  carry more weight it is recommended that you refer to National Guidance and Legislation.

We have distilled the various publications to main points in this document – click here to open it

You can use the full legislative text or simply make reference to the document and paragraph. The CCC planning Case Officer will need to review much documentation and if the points of objection are easy to read it will add emphasis.

Your objections should be in your own words and preferably not a carbon copy of anyone else’s submission or they will be treated as one by the Planners. You may add photographs if you think this might be useful.

Once the application is formally live (i.e. is validated by the Council and shown on the web-site with an application number) you have just twenty one days to file your objections.  Objections should be addressed to :

You can send to the Parish Council and Ward Councillor and your MP.

The legislation and guidance come from the following sources:

  • The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)
  • The Cornwall Local Plan–Strategic Policies including Main and Minor Changes October 2016
  • The Mylor and Flushing Parish Plan
  • Cornwall AONB Policy, Local, Plan and Action documents 2016-2021